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Hey guys, I'm Daisy

There's really not say to about me that isn't interesting or unique. Various likes and interests, huge fucking fangirl (fandom blog is fluersont.tumblr.com), sick all the time, love to bake (food), and probably a bunch of other things. i enjoy having conversations, though I'm kinda awkward (and generally don't like people). Regardless, feel free to message me!


did rebecca sugar design this table


The Carl Sagan-inspired surrealist GIFs of Ignacio Torres, featuring humans as star stuff.

(images by Ignacio Torres, full gallery at The Morning News)

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Lenten Roses - Onyx Odyssey variety, doubled and undoubled

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I am so close to being healthy enough for a tattoo that my big sis and I are gunna get matching ones. I waited so long for this, I’m so happy!! 

PULP FICTION (1994) - Behind The Scene

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44mm Bloodwood plugs with Opalite and three layers of varying brass pedals! A loot of work in this pair and couldn’t be happier!

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